Why We're Different

We cater to the woman traveling solo.

Women Traveling Together® was started in 1997 by a 40-year old business woman who desperately wanted to do some vacation traveling, but didn’t want to go alone or travel as a single on a couple’s tour.  Unable to find a ready-made solution that met her needs, Debra Asberry spent seven months interviewing women in order to design a travel company that catered to the needs of women traveling solo.

The 10 guiding principles that originally shaped the company are still true today:

  • Create a way for women to travel without needing a travel partner
  • Make it a safe and comfortable experience by traveling together as a group
  • Keep the group small for a more personal and friendly experience
  • Offer a wide variety of travel destinations based on traveler suggestions
  • Arrange room sharing for those travelers who do not want to pay for a single
  • Send a company travel expert on every tour to provide individual attention and assistance
  • Give travelers 24/7 secure online access to their trip information and personal details
  • Be readily available by phone and email to answer questions before the trip departs
  • Do more than just travel - be spontaneous, embrace the unexpected and make new friends

Provide More than is Anticipated
Do More than is Asked
Care More than is Expected

Think about this for a moment: In order to run the tour you’re interested in, we have to attract enough women who (1) are interested in the same destination, (2) have the availability to travel on the posted tour dates, and (3) are financially willing and able to commit to the trip. For every 86 women who talk about taking a tour, only 1 to 2 women will follow through. That’s why other women-only travel companies only offer a handful of tours, or have a reputation of cancelling at the last minute.

Women Traveling Together has a large and loyal repeat client base that has grown year after year since 1997, making it possible to offer more than 60 trips a year. In fact, most of our tours sell out six or more months before departure. You can count on us to have enough travelers so your tour will run.

We’re BIG enough to:

  • Be a member of the National Tour Association, protecting our travelers with $1 million in tour liability coverage
  • Own our own 15-passenger Mercedes mini-coaches so we can offer comfortable North American touring
  • Hire and train seasoned travel veterans as group leaders to insure a consistently superior travel experience
  • Garner national press coverage to keep attracting more travelers, which enables us to offer more tours

Yet we’re SMALL in some very important ways:

  • We’re still owned and operated by our founder, and guided by her vision
  • We deliberately keep our group size small to enhance your travel experience
  • We give every traveler personal attention tailored to her wants and needs
  • We take the time to get to know you; you’re part of the WTT family now

Choosing who to trust with your vacation plans should be based on full-disclosure of exactly what you’re buying.  If you’re like us, you expect your questions to be anticipated. You shouldn’t have to dig through a web site or be forced to send an email just to get an answer to something that should have been readily available.  And when you want to speak to someone, you expect a timely reply or call-back. We know how you feel…we’re travelers too and that’s how we operate.

At Women Traveling Together, you can count on us to:

  • Provide plenty of information on our web site to make an informed decision
  • Show you exactly what the tour costs, with no hidden fees or small print
  • Show you exactly how many spaces are remaining on every tour
  • Make it easy to contact us and provide a quick response
  • Have clearly stated policies, easily accessible online
  • Allow you 3 days to change your mind after making a reservation…no questions asked
  • Assign a staff person to every tour who becomes your personal point-of-contact
  • Communicate with you regularly prior to the tour – to keep you informed and excited
  • Give you access to your fellow travelers so you can get acquainted well before the tour begins
  • Provide you a travel experience that you will cherish forever

FACT:  Someone has to be in charge of a group of independent women traveling solo or chaos ensues. For this reason we decided in 1997 to send a company employee on every tour. Our group leaders are seasoned travel veterans trained in group dynamics, tour logistics, and problem resolution. But most importantly, our group leaders are there to assist you in getting what you want out of the travel experience. 

At Women Traveling Together our Group Leaders:

  • Communicate with the group and answer last-minute questions before departure
  • Host the group welcome meeting and explain group courtesies
  • Create a travel atmosphere akin to girlfriends traveling together
  • Hold a brief daily update to keep you informed about what to expect the next day
  • Take care of tipping local guides so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Seek out opportunities for spontaneity that aren’t part of the itinerary
  • Research and suggest personal time activities; connect travelers with similar interests
  • Organize dining options on free evenings so no one is eating alone
  • Assist any traveler with identifying solutions to whatever issues or concerns that might arise

Our travelers tell us that their enjoyment, and why they travel with us again and again, is directly attributable to the many tangible and intangible benefits our group leaders add to the tour experience. You won’t find this anywhere else.

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