WTT Travel Policies
WTT Policy Statement Last Revised: June 27, 2017

It is the traveler’s responsibility to read the following travel policies before signing up for any trip or remitting any payments. All monies are in US dollars. Women Traveling Together reserves the right to change their travel policies without notice.

Policy Questions

Any questions concerning WTT travel and membership policies should be directed to: Women Traveling Together at 443-458-5634 (in Maryland) or via e-mail to: wttmail@women-traveling.com.

Activity Level and General Fitness

All WTT tours require walking and other physical exertion. You can expect to walk 2-3 miles on average over the course of a day, navigate steps, get in and off transportation, and manage your personal belongings without assistance. On some tours, especially European and other foreign tours, the walking can increase to 5-7 miles of walking over the course of a day. For these reasons, our tours are not suitable for anyone physically challenged, anyone who is walking impaired, or anyone who is a slow walker who cannot keep up with the pace of the group.
The activity level for each trip is stated under "Important Details." If you have questions about the activity level, contact the WTT office. If a traveler chooses to go on a tour and then opt-out of included activities, for whatever reason, no refund will be given.

Room-sharing Arrangements

  • Women Traveling Together will arrange a roommate for any traveler. The choice is available on the reservation form.
  • All shared rooms have 2 beds and are non-smoking rooms.
  • Travelers will share a room with a woman of similar age whenever possible.
  • No special request, of any type, regarding your roommate can be accommodated.
  • If you wish to room with a specific person, put her name on the reservation form or contact the WTT office.
  • After Final Payment, no changes can be made to the room type (double or single occupancy).
  • Once on tour, a traveler wanting a single room, for whatever reason, must pay for a single room directly with the hotel, if available.

Trip Payments

  • Payment Types & Currency: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, personal check and money order. All payments are in U.S. Dollars.
  • At Time of Reservation: A deposit is required to hold a space on the tour. The amount due at the time you are making your reservation is listed on each itinerary.
  • 2nd Payment: On certain trips - as stated on the web site itinerary - a 2nd payment is required. The date the 2nd payment is due is listed on the itinerary under "Payment Dates and Cancellation Policies." This payment will NOT be invoiced. 
  • Past Due 2nd Payment: A traveler who has not paid the 2nd Payment 7 days (one week) after the 2nd payment due date will be notified via email that she has been cancelled from the tour and her initial deposit forfeited.
  • Final Payment: The date the Final Payment is due is listed on the itinerary under "Payment Dates and Cancellation Policies." This payment will be invoiced via US mail approximately 21 days before the due date. 
  • Past Due Final Payment: A traveler who has not paid her final payment 7 days (one week) after the final payment due date will be notified via email she has been canceled from the trip and her total amount paid to date forfeited.

Required Traveler Information

  • Travel Arrangements: Arrival and departure flight details are required to be submitted to Women Traveling Together no later than the Final Payment due date. This information is required to know when travelers are expected, and when applicable, to arrange transfers. 
  • Past Due Travel Arrangements: If not received by 90 days before travel, the traveler will be placed in the final arrival transfer group on the arrival day and the first departure transfer group of the departure day when transfers are provided.
  • Confidential Form: Information about medications, dietary, emergency contact, etc. is required to be submitted to Women Traveling Together no later than the Final Payment due date. This information is held in confidence and is only used in case of an emergency.
  • Past Due Confidential Form: If not received by 30 days before travel, the traveler will not receive Final Travel Information (i.e. Travel Documents) until such time as the information is provided.
  • Passport Form: Passport number, date of issue, expiration date, and all other pieces of data from the passport ID page are required to be submitted to Women Traveling Together no later than the Final Payment due date. This information is required on all International trips and is only shared when required by local authorities.
    It is your responsibility to check that your passport is valid 6 months past the date the tour ends, to get a new passport in a timely manner, and to provide the new passport information to WTT by Final Payment due date.
  • Past Due Passport Form: If not received by 90 days before travel, or is interfering with group arrangements that require all passport information to be submitted as a group - whichever comes first - a "final request" email will be sent to the traveler advising removal from the tour if the passport information is not provided within 48 hours (2 days) of final request. If the travelers is removed from the trip, any refund of monies will be based on WTT cancellation policies as of the date of removal from the trip.

Arrival, Transfers and Delays

  • Travelers arriving by air are responsible for allowing sufficient time to deplane, gather luggage and travel to the designated meeting location to join the tour. WTT will not delay the departure of the group for travelers arriving after the designated tour start time as listed in the individual itineraries.
  • Travelers are required to provide WTT with their flight arrangements no later than the final payment due date of the tour. Travelers are also required to notify WTT in the event the airline should change the arrival or departure time of a flight.
  • On tours where scheduled transfers are provided, travelers who elect to take alternate transportation to the hotel, for any reason, will not be reimbursed for the transfer expense incurred.
  • Travelers who are delayed for whatever reason are responsible for notifying WTT of their situation and to communicate regularly with WTT as to their anticipated arrival time. Delayed travelers are responsible for joining the group as soon as possible and at their own expense if their arrival occurs after the last scheduled transfer.

Cancellation of Tours by WTT

On rare occasions, Women Traveling Together must cancel a tour, either because there are not enough travelers to operate the tour or for other events outside the control of WTT.  Women Traveling Together will cancel tours due to lack of travelers prior to final invoicing however, Women Traveling Together reserves the right to cancel any tour at any time up to the day of departure, due to no fault of WTT.

In the event of a cancellation by Women Traveling Together, all monies paid to WTT for the canceled tour will be promptly refunded to the traveler. Women Traveling Together is not responsible for any penalties imposed by the airlines.

Cancellation by the Traveler

All cancellations MUST be in writing. Email, letter via US mail, or submitting the Cancellation Form found on the WTT website all qualify as acceptable methods of notification. The effective date of the cancellation, and any cancellation penalties, will be based on the date of receipt of the written cancellation. Refunds for payments made directly to 3rd parties are subject to their refund policies, irrespective of the date of cancellation. Any penalty imposed by your airline(s) is the complete responsibility of the traveler.

 More than 180 days (6 months) before tour departure:

  • Within 72 hours (3 days) after WTT processes your space reservation…100% refund of your deposit.
  • After 72 hours (3 days) of processing your space reservation…..Deposit “Parked”. 
    The traveler’s deposit will be automatically parked for a period of time not to exceed 18 months (545 days) from date of cancellation. The parked deposit can only be used as a deposit on a future trip. If the traveler does not select a new trip prior to 18 months (545 days), the deposit will be automatically forfeited.

    To use parked funds:  The traveler must contact WTT by phone (443-458-5634) or email (wttmail@women-traveling.com) prior to 18 months (545 days) from the date the deposit was parked. WTT will assist you in placing your deposit on a new tour of your choice.
    Note: Deposits from a trip you are cancelling can only be moved once. There is no 72 hour (3 day) grace period for the tour you are moving your deposit to. If the 2nd trip is cancelled the deposit is automatically forfeited.

179 days before tour departure UNTIL Final Payment Due Date:

  • Within 72 hours (3 days) after WTT processes your space reservation...100% refund of your deposit.
  • After 72 hours (3 days) of processing your space reservation…. Deposit Forfeited.
  • Tours requiring a 2nd Payment.... Initial deposit forfeited; 2nd payment refunded unless 2nd payment specifically stated as non-refundable.

From Final Payment Due Date UNTIL 31 days before travel:


50% of the tour cost (whether double or single occupancy) will be forfeited, including 50% of any optional pre- or post tour(s). Any additional optional payments made through WTT (i.e. early arrival, late departure, other optional activities) will be refunded in full.

30 days or less before travel:

            100% of all monies paid will be forfeited.


If you cannot afford to lose the money you have invested in your travel, for whatever reason, WTT strongly recommends you consider travel insurance.

Itinerary Changes

Itineraries are subject to change due to a variety of factors completely out of the control of WTT. In the event there is an itinerary change, comparable lodging, meals and activities will be provided.

Force Majeure:  No damages shall be due to a traveler for failure by WTT to perform obligations related to delivery of tour services if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, volcano eruption, or other natural disasters), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, cyber attacks, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalism, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labor dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity, internet or telephone services, or illness, accident, or death of the WTT Representative, any one of which could make delivery of tour services impaired or impossible to perform.


Cancellation insurance is strongly advised and recommended. Cancellation insurance applications are mailed with the initial trip confirmation package. Any questions about what travel insurance does or does not cover should be addressed directly to the travel insurance company.

Your personal medical insurance generally does not cover you when traveling. To cover the risk of a medical emergency or accident while traveling, you should consider purchasing medical evacuation insurance. Some WTT Tours require medical evacuation insurance in order to participate in the tour. This requirement will be noted under the itinerary "Important Details".

Documents Required to Travel

It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain and present the required documents necessary for travel. This includes, but is not limited to, a valid government issued photo ID, passport, Visa, Letter of Invitation, shot record, etc. Travelers who have any question as to their ability to obtain and present the required documents necessary to travel to a country should address their questions to the embassy or consulate of the country to which they will be traveling BEFORE signing up for a WTT tour.  

On certain tours WTT will offer to obtain a Visa for travelers. However, the traveler must be a passport holder from the United States or Canada, and/or cannot have a criminal conviction, and/or cannot have an exception that would prohibit the routine issuance of a Visa. In such cases the traveler will be responsible to obtain their own Visa.

Any traveler who cannot obtain proper documentation to travel, no matter when or how that discovery is made, will be responsible for whatever cancellation penalties are in force at the time of cancellation from the WTT tour or denial of travel.

Assumed Risk

Travel has its own inherent risks, and the traveler acknowledges such risks exist, up to and including death. WTT will take all reasonable precautions regarding the safety of travelers. It is the traveler's responsibility to determine her level of risk tolerance, including the decision to participate in a tour to a country or continent where State Department alerts and warnings have been issued. If the tour is scheduled to operate (i.e. not cancelled by WTT), standard cancellation policies apply if the traveler elects to cancel because her risk tolerance has been exceeded.

The traveler agrees to hold WTT, its employees, and agents, blameless should illness, accident or death occur while traveling to the tour, while on tour, or returning home from the tour. In addition, WTT is not responsible for the actions, expenses or harm incurred by travelers who, through their own actions or through the advice/actions of other travelers, disregard the instructions of the WTT representative(s), engage in activities with other travelers that cause harm, depart from the planned activities of the tour, or follow the instructions of a non-WTT representative(s).

Involuntary/Voluntary Departure from a Tour in Progress

WTT reserves the right to remove any traveler from a tour should the WTT representative(s) determine that the traveler cannot meet the physical requirements of the tour as stated in the itinerary, or is disruptive to the tour time schedule or is adversely affecting the overall group dynamics. In the event a traveler is removed from a tour, WTT will not refund any monies. Transportation costs to return home, airline penalties, and any other expenses will be the responsibility of the traveler.

In the event a traveler voluntarily chooses to leave a tour prior to its scheduled conclusion, WTT will not refund any monies for the unused portion of the tour arrangements. Transportation costs from tour departure point to the airport, airline penalties, and any other expenses will be the responsibility of the traveler.

Use of 3rd Party Operators

Some WTT trips, as noted in the itinerary, are scheduled with tour operators who sell their tours to the general public. The traveler acknowledges that other groups and/or individuals may be a part of the same tour.



  • Annual Membership (based on the date of membership) in Women Traveling Together entitles members to 1) member tour price 2) log-in to My WTT, 3) travel dollars and other benefits.
  • In order to receive the member tour price and other benefits, including travel dollars, membership must be active through the end date of any trip the member has a space on. WTT will charge a membership renewal fee at the time of final invoicing in the event the member traveler’s membership expires before the trip end date.
  • A full refund of the membership amount paid will be given if WTT is notified in writing within 30 days of the membership date. No refund will be given after 30 days.  


All tour participants will receive equal consideration, but women who choose not to join WTT will pay the non-member additional cost, will not receive travel dollars, and will not receive any benefits afforded a member.

Travel Dollar Program

WTT Members are eligible to earn travel dollars on trips at a rate of 3% of the total land double occupancy cost, less any discounts or other credits.**
Travel dollars are not awarded for the single supplement, early arrival, late departure, optional excursions, per- or post tours, etc.
10 travel dollar credits are earned each time a member renews her membership, and each time a member refers a friend who joins WTT.

** Travel dollar credits will not be awarded on trips where travel dollar credits are used to pay for any portion of the trip.

  • Travel dollar credits can be used on any trip for up to 25% of the land - double occupancy - portion cost of the trip.
  • Travel dollar credits cannot be used to pay for membership renewals.
  • Travel dollar credits cannot be used to pay a trip deposit; they will be applied against the final payment amount.
  • The traveler must advise Women Traveling Together of their intention to use travel dollar credits. This can be done up until the final invoice is paid, or final payment due date, whichever occurs first. No travel dollars will be applied after the final invoice is paid.
  • Travel dollar credits are awarded at the conclusion of a tour, and cannot be used until earned. **
  • Should a traveler cancel a tour on or before the final payment due date, any travel dollar credits used will be returned to their account.
  • Should a traveler cancel a tour after the final payment due date, any travel dollar credits used will be forfeited.

    Travel Dollar Balance Information
  • Members can view their travel dollar balance by logging in to the "My WTT Trips & info" section of the WTT website.
  • Members can request a summary of their travel dollar credits earned and used by emailing: wttmail@women-traveling.com Subject: Travel Dollar Summary

Travel Dollars: Expiration, Forfeiture and Program Cancellation

  • Travel dollars unused three (3) years after the date of travel completion will expire.
  • Travel dollars awarded for membership renewals and referrals do not expire as long as the membership remains active.
  • Travel dollars awarded as "bonus points" do not expire as long as the membership remains active.
  • Should membership be interrupted for any reason, all travel dollar credits accumulated at the time the membership is interrupted or expired will be forfeited.
  • WTT reserves the right to cancel the travel dollar credit program with 12 months notice. Any unused travel dollar credits remaining as of the program’s termination date will be forfeited.

Use of Travelers’ Images in Promotional Materials

Photographs and video taken by Women Traveling Together Tour Leaders and other WTT representatives while on tour are the property of WTT and may be used in promotional materials. Any traveler who does not wish to have their photograph or video footage used in promotional material MUST advise WTT in writing no later than the tour’s final payment due date.

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