Our Travel Philosophy
Ensuring a Good Fit

Having heard stories about big bus tours and rigid schedules, you might not be sure if group travel is for you.  Unaccompanied women travelers want very different things than what couples typically look for.  Taking a couples tour model and restricting the travelers to women isn’t the best way, nor is it ‘good enough’. Instead, a new tour model had to be created. At Women Traveling Together® we pioneered a tour model catering to the needs of women traveling unaccompanied. It’s the secret to our success and why so many women travel with us.

Our approach to small group travel is UNIQUE. While other tour companies expect you to come with a travel companion, and make few--if any--concessions for the unaccompanied traveler, we provide your traveling companions. But that’s just the beginning. We believe your tour experience begins the moment you arrive at our website and continues with each successive tour you take.

Tours by Women Traveling Together also include*:

Staff Point-of-Contact:  Each tour has a 'Program Manager' assigned to handle all the arrangements for the tour prior to departure. She is your go-to person who can answer your specfic questions that may arise.

Regular Communication:  We want to keep you informed and excited about your upcoming trip. You’ll receive regular email communication from your Program Manager, and from other WTT staff as needed both prior to and after the tour.

A Seasoned Travel Veteran:  A WTT-trained Tour Leader accompanies your tour to facilitate your personal enjoyment as well as help the group bond and have a memorable experience together.


A Balance between Individual and Group Time:  Where possible, we build in flexibility so you can customize your travel experience.  We set aside blocks of free time and feature a mix of provided meals and meals on your own, ensuring you have a chance to do the things that matter most.


Tipping of Local Guides:  Having to constantly plan for and think about tipping can kill a great vacation. At Women Traveling Together we take care of tipping local guides so you can focus on enjoying the experience.


*And Much More:  Every tour is different. To ensure you know what to expect, we list what each tour includes and does not include under the “Price and Important Details” Tab found on every tour posted on the website.  






Many travel companies offer tours to the same destinations. How do you evaluate what you’re really getting?

Look beyond the hotel rating and included activities and discover what else the tour company provides to make your life simpler, ensure your safety, and foster a great group experience…as well as caring about your individual experience. At Women Traveling Together we are continually refining and adding to our customer service and tour experience to better support the unique needs of women traveling unaccompanied. At WTT, we…

We make safety and security our top priority:  Women list safety as their number one reason for choosing to travel with a group. You’ll be able to travel with complete confidence knowing that we’re looking out for your safety.  On every tour, a WTT-trained Tour Leader not only facilitates a great vacation, but is there for the safety of the group.

We provide your travel companions: One of the greatest challenges facing the woman who wants to travel is finding someone else who has the time, money and interest to travel. At WTT, we have found women who share your wanderlust and bring everyone together for an unforgettable travel experience.

We create a hassle-free vacation experience:  Sure, most women are capable of planning a vacation, but not everyone has the time or the interest in figuring out every detail.  Women Traveling Together does the research, selects convenient and safe hotels, identifies the must-see sights, and includes a few surprise experiences along the way. In short, we put together tours we’re certain you will enjoy. It’s one stop shopping!

We embrace a fluid schedule:  Rewarding travel cannot be experienced on a rigid schedule, otherwise the unexpected and happy accidents cannot be enjoyed. Our Tour Leaders have the flexibility to rearrange days, add in additional stops and adjust just about anything else that circumstances warrant. We’ll turn around for a bear sighting, stop at a funky shop, switch days to avoid weather, and more. Every day is a new adventure!

We foster a sense of community:  Among the unique needs of the woman traveling unaccompanied is the desire to have companionship and to share  travel 'wow' experiences with another person in the moment. Traveling with WTT is akin to traveling with your best girlfriends. It’s easy to understand how women who share a passion for travel can find so many other things in common.




There’s nothing worse than a dress that doesn’t fit right.  It binds in places, the length is wrong, and it's just not right for you.  The same is true for a tour that doesn’t fit.  It’s up to you to determine whether the “personality” of any given tour meshes with your own; whether the WTT style of travel is a “good fit” for you. 

All tours by Women Traveling Together, whether domestic or international, have certain characteristics in common.  These characteristics have been fine-tuned over the years based on traveler feedback and the type of travel experience we believe is most rewarding to our typical traveler.



At Women Traveling Together, we aim to travel like a group of good friends who respect one another and appreciate the diversity that each person brings to the group.

Key elements of the WTT style of travel are:




Nimbleness—We’re on the move!  It’s critical that each woman can easily manage her own luggage when we’re moving through train stations or loading up the coach for the next destination.

Cooperation—For a group to be more than just a collection of individuals, we encourage each person to contribute her skills to the success of the tour by helping out in a myriad of small ways. From spotting wildlife to taking the initiative to check the group into a restaurant, these small contributions improve the experience for everyone.


Inclusiveness—If you’ve ever traveled unaccompanied on tour that caters to couples, then you know from experience how awkward that can feel.  At WTT, we ensure that though you may come solo, we’ll travel together and the interactions among your fellow travelers will enrich your overall experience.

Diversity—Women on WTT tours come from all over the US and Canada, and even from other countries.  Our backgrounds and life experiences differ, but ultimately, we all have three important things in common:  the desire to see the destination, have a good experience, and make lifetime memories.


You’ll fit right in if you…

  • Are easy-going, agreeable and flexible; understanding that the nature of travel can be unpredictable!
  • Have a sense of adventure and willingness to try new things.
  • Travel light. We don’t use porters and we don’t do luggage pulls. We manage, without assistance, our own belongings.
  • Are helpful and willing to pitch in wherever your skills and knowledge can help the group.
  • Like to explore on foot in order to gain a more intimate familiarity with your surroundings. We do a lot of walking on all WTT tours. Good mobility, the ability to walk at a comfortable pace with your fellow travelers, and navigate stairs wherever they present themselves is a must.
  • Are solution-oriented, looks at the glass as half-full, and understands “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” as one of our travelers so aptly put it!

If you are ever in doubt whether the WTT tour you're considering is a good fit for you, get in touch and ask. We’ll be straight-forward with our opinion, never pressure you to make a decision, and do our best to recommend alternatives if WTT is not a good fit for you.

At the conclusion of every tour we ask: 

“What would you share with a woman considering taking a trip with Women Traveling Together?”  

We’ve received everything from “Do it!” to emailed essays about how WTT has changed lives.
We’ve sifted through hundreds of responses to this question and posted a sampling of the comments in hopes that these pearls of wisdom will motivate you to travel.

Whether you choose to travel with WTT, or someone else, we hope you make travel a priority in your life.


Flying over the glaciers was magical! I really enjoyed the sea cruise. After 50 years I finally saw some Orcas! Floating down to the river was great too. Seeing all the water wildlife. Very relaxing! - Anne D. San Francisco, CA (Alaska: Overland Adventure, 2019)

The comfortable feeling of traveling with like-minded women of all backgrounds. Never felt rushed or "herded" around. Our Tour Leader was immediately in charge and respectful but made sure she spent personal time getting to know everyone and encouraging us to do the same. We didn't need much. Sharyn D. Midlothian, VA (Alaska: Overland Adventure, 2019)

I think it is a great value considering the accommodations, meals, planned activities, and transportation. Each of those things can eat holes in your budget if booked individually. Plus, you have your tour guide so you aren't going to miss info about places your visiting. - Beverly K. Painesville, OH (California's Pacific Coast Highway, 2019)

You can travel almost anywhere [with WTT] and share the cost of the room. Travel to places family or friends may not want to visit. Guidelines to women about the trip for sharing a room were very helpful. Enjoy meeting and spending time with women from all over the country. The tour guide is very helpful. The tour group was a small group of women rather than large groups of 50+. Everyone is meeting their roommate for the first time so we're all in the same boat which encourages camraderie among the group. - Claire K. West Babylon, NY (Iceland: Active Sightseeing, 2019)

Women coming together from different US locations and backgrounds provided me with an interesting cultural experience. How we all marveled at the landscapes bonded us in a very spiritual way. Marlene M. Charlotte, NC (Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks, 2019)

If you want to experience the world, stop waiting for someone to do it with! We're out here now. - Mary W. Bernardsville, NJ (Ireland #1, 2019)

Traveling with WTT was safe and comfortable. All the women were interesting and positive. Rita J. Lower Burrell, PA (Santa Fe & Taos, 2019)

This was my first trip with WTT and I was worried how everything would be. Christine (Tour Leader) made me feel from the beginning that I was with a new family. She was always happy, talked to all of us, checked how things were going and how can she help us. Hard to believe 10 women never met before will become fast friends in the next couple of days. Sometimes need a long time to make a new friend, here we were talking to each other right away. I believe all happened because our leader made us feel very friendly to each other. Very happy to have met all these lovely ladies. -Ana N. San Mateo, CA (Italy's Tuscany & Lake District, 2019)

I longed for many years to return to Italy and my spouse had no interest. It was a good way to travel with much of the detail work taken care of and no "third wheel" feel that would have been the case with a single traveler with most tour groups." Marcea E. Dawson, IL (Highlights of Italy #1, 2019)

I would never have traveled to Europe alone. I have met so many great women who have the same sense of adventure I have. Tracey W. Mississauga, Ontario (Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, 2019)

The trip of a lifetime and the memories will remain with you forever. So just do it! Annamarie C. Edgewater, NJ (Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, 2019) 

A great experience. You'll experience new adventures and make many wonderful new friends. Worry free traveling. Karen D. Mount Hope, Ontario (Israel & Jordan, 2019)

Great experience sharing with other women. Diverse backgrounds but similar life experiences. Johnine B. Susquehanna, PA (North Carolina's Outer Banks, 2019)

Have no fear. We were all out for a good time and all very courteous to each other. Kathy S. Custer, SD (North Carolina's Outer Banks, 2019) 

I would encourage any woman to do this. The camaraderie is wonderful. Our guide fostered a constant positive vibe. Evelyn D. Denton, TX (London & Paris, 2019)

Good value due to room sharing. Other congenial women to share experience with. Joanie C. Meridian, ID (Bluegrass, Horses, and Bourbon, 2019)

It is safe environment for those who want to travel solo or with a small group. Lots of female companionship and many friends made. Linda C. Frisco, TX (Brazil & Argentina, 2019)

I always wanted to travel but didn't have anyone to go with. Traveling with WTT has really opened up my world. I feel like I'm finally doing what I want with my life and not waiting around for anyone. Each trip I meet new people just like me who want to travel and have new experiences. It's just fantastic. Bonnie R. Coopersburg, PA (Montreal & Quebec, 2019)

Please just do it. The other women will help you, encourage you, befriend you, and make you so glad you did. Kristen A. Nashua, NH (Antarctica, 2019)

We had more newbies in our group than [repeat] travelers and it was a wonderful mix of ages and experiences. I am very impressed with how everything went and I urge anyone to try it. Melanie W. Jensen Beach, FL (Quebec's Winter Wonderland, 2019)

This trip was so fun for me. It was an important step in building my confidence that it's okay for me to travel solo. It was also really nice to go on a trip where cell phones don't work. Disconnected vacations are the best! - Lee M. Valdosta, GA (Rogue River, 2018)

Traveling alone can be boring and disappointing but traveling with WTT, you have a group of new friends with whom to share the fun. Joanie C. Meridian, ID (Colorado by Train, 2018)

I started with WTT after being divorced, seeing two daughters through college, and then taking care of my parents through their later years. I reached a point where I had forgotten about me and decided to take a chance and challenge myself. It has been truly a gift to be able to meet co-travelers, build friendships that last outside the trip, and see the world. WTT has provided opportunities we wouldn't otherwise have. It is amazing how quickly a group of women who have never met before can bond so quickly on these trips. Maureen P. Southbridge, MA (Croatia and the Adriatic Sea, 2018)

Opportunity to travel to places you might not otherwise go on your own and opportunity to meet a diverse array of smart, interesting, and often well-traveled women. Nora M. South Charleson, WV (Tanzania, 2018) 

I always wanted to travel but didn't have anyone to go with. Traveling with WTT has really opened up my world. I feel like I'm finally doing what I want with my life and not waiting around for anyone. Each trip I meet new people just like me who want to travel and have new experiences. It's just fantastic. Bonnie R. Coopersburg, PA (Montreal and Quebec, 2018)

The natural beauty of the European Alps region is amazing and I'm still excited about seeing everything I had dreamed of for so long! Connie A. Houston, TX (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 2018)

I was so glad that I took a leap of faith and jumped in! [Tour Leader] Christine is a true professional who goes over and above my expectations! - Janet K. Burlington, WI (Tournament of Roses Parade, January 2018)

The companionship from the women on this trip made me feel part of a group. My roommate was terrific. We hit it off on the phone before we even met. - Janette H., Kathryn, ND New York City Holiday Magic, 2019)

I would like to thank WTT for giving me the vehicle to evolve from my husband's death. What a great idea it is - I can travel by myself, feel secure, meet other women with like interests, and see places I've always wanted to see. I especially like the attention to detail that is part of each trip. You cover all questions before I can think of them. So congratulations for making so many women use their wings for so many years! - Dee O. Oxford, NC (WTT 20th Reunion in New Orleans, 2017)

Signing up and becoming a member of WTT is one of the best things I've ever done. Even though I'm married and travel with my husband once a year, I get so excited and look forward to traveling twice a year now with WTT, enjoying time for myself and making new friends. A big THANK YOU for "inventing" WTT. Love, love, love it. No trip has ever disappointed. Best experience. I always come back home with a big smile and rejuvenated. - Anastasia N. Tuckahoe, NY (WTT 20th Reunion in New Orleans, 20177)

WTT has given me the opportunity to travel to places in the world I never imagined. It is the easiest trip I ever planned. Sign up, pack you bags, and go. I will always remember my first trip rafting down the Colorado River in Utah. The joy of jumping into the river and thinking I did it. I love it. I'm gonna do it again! And thanks to that first jump I have traveled the world for the past 10 years gathering memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. Michele M. - Lansdale, PA (WTT 20th Reunion in New Orleans, 2017)

Though hesitant to join a travel group, I was more than pleased to get acquainted with mostly interesting and impressive women. Possibilities have opened up for me, and maybe for you, too! Ruth G., Albany, CA (October 2017 Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns)

Read Robert Frost's poem again - The Road Not Taken - just go forward and travel! Best way to love our world! - Kay L. Clarksville, TN (October 2017, Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns)

"[Tour leader] Rita was awesome! Really appreciated her flexibility and hard work! She was obviously well-prepared and knowledgeable. She did a lot of pre-trip research which was wonderful" - Rave reviews for our Tour Leader Rita from our Big Bend and Carlsbad Caverns travelers. October 2017

I recently visited the WTT trip "Niagara Falls and the Canadian Side." I want to express my gratitude on what a wonderful job you've done on our hotel selections. Each hotel was clean and comfortable and provided wonderful amenities. My hat goes off to you on the Niagara Falls hotel selection (Hilton/Niagara Fallsview). The breathtaking view of the falls right from our hotel windows left all of us women on the tour speechless! I've said this before and I'll say it again: WOMEN TRAVELING TOGETHER ROCKS!!! - Tonya M, Chicago, IL

The Iceland trip was THE BEST TRIP EVER! and I've taken many trips with other companies.
I love the fact that we were DOING something every day. Would love to see more trips being "action packed!" See you on another trip! - Marsha O, Englewood, FL (July, 2017)

No small cliques. We were all loving sisters with each other. Fantastic group! - Helen F. Grand Prairie, TX (July, 2017)

Traveling with WTT is the perfect way to travel alone without being alone at all. I felt among friends and every detail was taken care of. Safe and amazing. - Dana E. Columbus, OH (May 2017)

 Just do it! The people are great and you learn so much. - Linda P., Brooklyn NY (May 2017)

This is a great way to meet new, like-minded  people and to see places you've always wanted to see. - Judy M., Helena, MT (April 2017)

It's life changing. The trips are so well planned, the tour guides are incredibly talented at making strangers friends in just a few days, and the experience is amazing. - Katina K., N. Richland Hills, TX (October 2016)

Freedom to do what you've always wanted in complete safety. - Sharon M., Phelon, CA (October 2016)

Everything is handled - no details to worry about. - Joyce H.Chandler, AZ (August 2016)

All the travel details were planned so it was stress free. Attention to detail was outstanding. Trip leaders are experienced and very professional, they love their jobs!
-Ann G., Basking Ridge, NJ (July 2016)

Trips are seamless due to planning and communicating effectively. -Jo Ellen H. Baker, WV (July 2016)

Meet new people who love to travel, you have scheduled activities and time on your own. There is something for everyone.
-Susan L., Kingwood, TX (June 2016)

Best way to see a place you have never been to, you will have a good time!
- Kristen A., Nashua, NH (May 2016)

Fun girls night out that lasts a week!
- Lori S., Sherwood Forest, CA (May 2016)

I didn't just ENJOY Asheville, I came away renewed and rejuvenated. Membership in this organization is a benefit to many. -Julia B., Pace, FL (April 2016)

See new, exciting places and feel safe because you are not alone.
- Sandra T., New York, NY (March 2016)

The attention to detail and the wonderful experience of traveling and sharing the trip together is beyond explanation. -Angela S., Milpitas, CA (March 2016)

It's all the experience & fun without the worry or apprehension of traveling alone. - Marisa V., Hoboken, NJ (February 2016)

A very safe, friendly way to travel with knowledgeable tour leaders and local guides. – Marjorie J., Medina, WA (December 2015)

Incredible tours and tour leaders. All so informed, experienced, and knowledgeable, plus friendly talkative women travelers.
– Carol H., Salt Lake City, UT (October 2015)

Fulfillment of a dream: beautiful sights, wonderful food, excellent company.
– Jean C., Springfield, MA (September 2015) 

I was included and invited to activities by other members, I never felt alone.
- Mary P., Watertown, MA (August 2015)

I was amazed at how perfect strangers could become family in such a short time.
- Barbara D., Albany, NY (July 2015)

Be brave and go for it!

-Holly W., Milltown, NJ (May, 2015)

There's something for everyone...Everyone you meet has similar travel interests.
-Brandi A. Livermore, CA (April, 2015)

Excellent experience, all details taken care of, world class travel experience.
-Patricia M, Coplay, PA (April, 2015)

The ideal way to see a new place and meet new people. One of my best vacations ever!
-Laura B. Louisville, KY (April, 2015)

I'll always remember my fellow travelers, unbelievable meals, beautiful accommodations, fabulous site seeing, and most importantly of all, it was all pulled off without a glitch.
-Teli R. Salem, OR (April, 2015)


The ability to travel with a group but still maintain my independence was fantastic.
Ann G., Maple Grove, MN (March, 2015)


I have shared already with several women: The friendships combined with travel is priceless.

This was my first trip with WTT; it exceeded my expectations.

- Melody M., Denver, CO (March, 2015)


I made friends that I hope will last a lifetime! WTT makes any trip a hundred times better and more meaningful.

- Roxane S., N Versailles, PA (March, 2015)


I can travel by myself, but it gets lonely – especially at meal time.The ability to share a special moment/scenery/experience with someone else make is so MUCH better.
Sharon H., Wallingford, PA (March, 2015)


The best group traveling I’ve been on. It’s like summer camp for adults.

- Debbie P., Ontario, Canada (February, 2015)


One of the best things about this tour was surprisingly our group.  Such a great group of ladies.  They put the “T” in the “together” of WTT.

- Donna R., Spring Valley, CA (February, 2015)


Don’t stress over the roommate things – It all works out!

- Lorraine M., Easton, CT (January, 2015)


After twenty years of traveling together, we could go on and on with quotes from our happy travelers. But we don't want you to spend another minute reading these quotes when you could be planning your next trip!


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