Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have questions... who wouldn't!

New to Solo Group Travel? 7 Things to Keep in Mind

  You’ll be One of Many Solo Travelers on Every WTT Tour
  Expect the Emotional Rollercoaster – It Happens to Everyone
  Find Someone who Supports Your Decision to Travel
  Don’t Fear Free Time
  Pack Only What You Can Manage
  Contact your Fellow Travelers Before the Tour Begins
  You’re Part of a Group Now

Why WTT has Membership

  To Build Community Before the Tour
  Other Membership Benefits
  Travel Dollars – They spend like real Money!
  Cost of Membership
  You Don’t Have to be a Member to Travel
  Subscribing to our E-newsletter does not make you a Member

Where do I Find…

  My Trip Information
  When to Arrive and Depart (i.e. Making Travel Arrangements)
  Arriving a Day before the Tour Begins
  Activity Rating
  Payment and Cancellation Penalty Dates for this Tour
  Still Can’t Find what you’re looking for?

What if…..

  State Department Alerts and Warnings
  I Need to Cancel

Understanding WTT’s Travel Style

  All Tour Operators have a Style of Travel
  Our Focus is the Solo Woman Traveler
  Who Travels with WTT
  All the Tours are Moderately Active
  A Tour Leader – Trained by WTT – on every Tour
  Tipping Local Guides is Included
  Group Size
  Lodging Choices
  Transportation on Tour
  Room-Sharing or Choose a Single
  Included Meals
  Tours Begin and End at the Destination
  Arriving a Day Before the Tour Begins
  Transfers from the Airport
  Tour Specific Information

Tours Under Construction and Pre-Reservations

  What are Tours Under Construction?
  What is a Pre-Reservation?
  Why Make a Pre-Reservation?
  What if I Change my Mind

Preparing for Your Trip

  Trip Specific Details
  Meet Your Tour Manager
  When to Make Your Airline Reservations
  Do I need a Passport or VISA?
  Immunization and Shot Recommendations
  Partial Payments and Final Payment
  Meet Your Fellow Travelers
  Meet Your Tour Leader
  Final Travel Instructions
  Room Sharing Tips

WTT Policies and Cancellations

  General Policies
  Cancellation Policies
  Cancellation Date Reminders
  Can WTT Cancel a Tour?
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