Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have questions... who wouldn't!

Who Travels with WTT?

  Average Age
  Marital Status
  Education and Profession
  Interests and Hobbies
  Health and Mobility
  Race, Religion and Sexual Orientation

Do women come by themselves or with someone they know?

  By Themselves
  With Someone they Know

How are Roommates Paired?

  First, decide if you want to share a room
  Age is our guiding factor
  Roommates are paired up just before Final Travel Instructions are mailed
  Your responsibility in the room-sharing experience
  Will we get along?

The Role of the WTT Leader

The role of our tour leader is critical when the group is made up of women meeting for the first time, are traveling to a location they are unfamiliar with, where you may not speak the language, or know the customs. The WTT Tour Leader is a part of your group. She is there to look out for your safety, to help resolve issues, and to make sure you get what you want from your vacation. During unstructured free time, the WTT Tour Leader will make sure that everyone who wants company has it, including dinners when no group meal is scheduled.

The Role of Local Guides

In addition to the WTT tour leader, local guides join the group for walking tours, give cooking classes, do lectures on specific topics, or in some cases, accompany the group as we travel through multiple countries. WTT tour leader works closely with the local guides to insure the right combination of pace, information, and duration specific to the women in that group is provided.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an important service offered by Women Traveling Together. Travel is an investment in a future event and travel insurance protects that investment. You will receive two travel insurance brochures with your confirmation package to review. If you have any questions about what travel insurance does and does not cover, please call the numbers listed on the brochures.

Tour Activity Ratings

We want you to be able to handle the activities on a tour, not only for your enjoyment of the trip, but because of the impact on the group as a whole. Our tours are designed so that a woman in reasonable shape and health and with no mobility issues could do almost every tour. All tours require walking, standing, climbing stairs, and getting on and off transportation. The activity levels are fully explained on the following page: Activity Levels Explained

Is WTT a good fit for you?

Our tours are as much about the friendships made along the way as it is about the destination and the sights. Simply put, if you are enjoy the company of women and all that entails: Sharing, laughter, support, some silliness, some seriousness, but always respectfulness, then you will enjoy a WTT tour. The odds are also very good that you will make some good friends, stay in touch, and travel again with WTT. If, on the other hand, you need to be in charge, can’t relax, find people interaction annoying, and are fearful of new experiences, then you will not enjoy a WTT tour.

What are group sizes, accommodations, etc. like on a WTT tour?

  Group Size
  Planned activities and unstructured time
  Policy on Smoking

Trip Sequence of Events

  Make Reservation and pay deposit
  Receive confirmation package and travel insurance information
  Time to Make Air Arrangements
  Deciding to arrive a day early
  Who will I be traveling with?
  Making payments and final payment due
  Final Travel Instructions
  Welcome email from your Tour Leader
  Travel day and group meeting

Information in Final Travel Instructions

  Receipt of Final Travel Instructions
  List of Travelers
  Roommate Tips
  Meet your Tour Leader
  Luggage and Packing Suggestions
  The Weather
  When and Where to Meet
  Getting from the Airport to the Hotel
  Flight Delays
  Early Arrival Arrangements
  Hotel Information
  Information About Overseas Travel
  Final Itinerary
  Other Things in the Package

Your Safety and Security

Your safety and security is very important to Women Traveling Together. We choose our hotels, activities and design our itineraries with your safety and security in mind. No matter where you are traveling with us you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we have done our homework. If an event happens that could have an impact on your tour, WTT will contact all travelers and keep you fully informed.

Making Your Air Reservations

Women Traveling Together will email you when it is time to get your air. This email will always be sent 90 days or more before your trip departs so that you have plenty of time to get your air. If you need to make your air arrangements in advance for whatever reason, please remember that any cancellation penalties imposed by the airlines – should you have to change or cancel your airline ticket – are your responsibility.

Arriving a Day Early

The WTT tour leader always arrives a day early, and so do many travelers. Almost all WTT itineraries have an optional cost for early arrival. If you are sharing a room for the tour, we guarantee you a roommate for early arrival.

Cancellation Policies

No one thinks they will have to cancel a trip, but unexpected things happen. You will be asked on the reservation form to conform you have read the Cancellation and Travel Policies. Make sure you in fact do read the policies before signing up for a WTT tour. The WTT policies are fully explained on the following page: Travel Policies
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