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Form Name
WTT Policies
Contains all of WTT's policies, including cancellation policies. Should it be necessary for you to cancel your reservation for whatever reason, please read the section on cancellation so you are aware of any penalties. All cancellations must be in writing. Please use the Cancellation Form or email your cancellation to: wttmail@women-traveling.com

Membership Form Use this form to become a member or renew your membership.
(If you are signing up for a trip at the same time as becoming a member
use the Space Reservation Form)

Space Reservation Form Only use this form when directed to do so. Tours taking reservations have a built-in reservation form. (The option to become a member is included on this form so you can sign up for a tour and membership at the same time)

Travel Arrangements
Let us know when to expect you! Required when transfers are included with the tour.
This information is shared with your Tour Leader and fellow travelers. WTT uses this information so we know when to expect you and to make transfer arrangements.
MUST be provided by your tour's Final Payment Due Date.

Confidential Information
Required when you travel on any trip with WTT.
Dietary, medical, and emergency contact information from this form is only shared with your Tour Leader. 
MUST be provided by your tour's Final Payment Due Date.

Passport Information Required to be on file with WTT when your trip is outside the US.
This information is shared with your Tour Leader and held in confidence to be used only if a passport is lost, and as required by hotels and airlines.
MUST be provided by your tour's Final Payment Due Date. Must have an expiration date 6 months after your tour end date.

Trip Options Add or Change your Trip Optional Elections
See what optional costs you have previously selected (such as pre-night package, per- and post-tours, optional activities, etc.).
You can add, change or delete any optional selection up to 3 weeks prior to your trip's final payment due date. Any changes after final invoices are mailed must be communicated via email to wttmail@women-traveling.com or by phone to the office (443-458-5634)

Payment Form Make a payment
You can make as many partial payments as you wish or make payments only when required. An invoice detailing your payments made and balance due will be e-mailed to you approximately 2 weeks before your tour's Final Payment Due Date. Note: You will get an invoice even if you owe nothing.

Trip Cancellation Cancel a trip
Cancellations must be in writing and any cancellation penalties will be determined based on the date of the cancellation.

Activity Levels Describes basic activity and mobility requirements
ALL WTT tours have activity descriptions and should be consulted before signing up for the tour you are interested in.  This page explains how the activity levels are determined and general guidelines.

Interests and Hobbies Share a little information about yourself.
This information is shared with your Tour Leader and can be seen by your fellow travelers. It's a great way to "break the ice" prior to your trip!

Manage Pre-Reservations Manage your "Tours Under Construction" choices
See a list of the tours under construction you completed a pre-reservation for. This form allows you to delete choices. To add a choice, you must go to the Tour Under Construction and complete a new pre-reservation form

Traveler Survey Traveler Survey Form
Didn't have time to complete your after-trip survey at the conclusion of the tour, or have more comments? You can use this form up to 30 days after your tour ends. You can also send an email to: wttmail@women-traveling.com and use the subject line: Survey Form for [Tour Name]

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