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We help women realize their travel dreams. It's our passion and we love what we do!

Women Traveling Together’s story begins with one woman’s desire—mine—to raft the Colorado River.

The idea of rafting the Colorado River captured my imagination as a young girl and never left me. I had many opportunities to go rafting as I grew older but not on the Colorado. I made several attempts to organize a Colorado River trip but l could never find anyone I knew who wanted to go. As I approached 40, I began to worry I would never realize my dream.

A chance conversation in the mid-1990s was the true catalyst for creating Women Traveling Together. A woman shared with me her frustration finding a travel companion for a trip she wanted to take—making me realize I wasn't the only woman with this problem.

To understand what women needed and expected from a group travel experience, I spent the next seven months interviewing women primarily in their 50s and 60s, married, widowed, single and divorced, and from all walks of life. Women were putting their travel dreams on hold because they didn’t know someone to travel with, and they were unwilling to travel alone. If I could bring together women who shared similar interests, I could help them (and me) fulfill their travel dreams. 

I began Women Traveling Together in 1997 with one mission—to help women fulfill their travel dreams by bringing together women who shared a common passion for travel. In our first year we offered three tours. Today we offer more than 100 tours a year, all over the world and across the USA and Canada.

I have now rafted the Colorado River—three times at last count—and each time it was everything I had hoped... thrilling, scenic, and thoroughly enjoyable. But it was the camaraderie of my fellow travelers—sharing the laughter and fun—that was by far the most lasting and rewarding part of the experience.

Looking back, I can see WTT has accomplished much more than just bringing together women to travel; the life of every woman who has traveled with us has been enriched in ways I never imagined, and countless new friendships have been made along the way. For all our success, this is the part of our company story of which I am most proud.

I want to thank all the women who have put their trust in WTT and continue to travel with us again and again—giving us one of the highest repeat traveler rates in the business. If you are just learning about us, we hope you will travel with us soon.

Happy Travels!

Debra Asberry
President and Founder, Women Traveling Together


During a three year tour of duty as a US Army officer stationed in Germany, Debra Asberry began acquiring the leadership skills that would prove useful later for Women Traveling Together. After returning to the United States Debra rose to the position of Marketing Director in the airline industry and continued to travel (mostly solo) all over the world.

In 1993 Debra left the airline industry to start her own marketing and consulting business and published a magazine in the Washington DC/Baltimore area with a circulation of 60,000.

In 1996 Debra began to transition her business focus from consulting to travel, believing that women wanted a better choice than traveling alone or staying home.  The following year, Debra sold the magazine and turned her undivided attention to Women Traveling Together.

Women Traveling Together did not stay a one-woman operation for long. Many talented women (and a few men) who have helped make WTT what it is today.

The first person recruited was Debra's father – Ray Cannon – who built the initial customer database program for WTT. Ray provided programming support for many years until his passing in 2015.

Hazel Cannon – Debra's mother - came to work for WTT as the first employee in 1998 and is still working for the company today.  So many of you have interacted with Hazel over the years and know her as the friendly voice on the other end of the line.

When Debra could no longer run a business and lead an ever-growing number of tours by myself, she hired WTT’s first Tour Leader in 2001. Today WTT has more than 40 Tour Leaders.  

The staff of WTT has continued to grow in order to meet the demand for tours and to provide personalized support to our travelers. It’s a great group of women, a fun work environment and we enjoy the work we do.

Nowadays Debra's job is less about designing and leading tours and more about providing the vision and direction for the future. Someday her journey will diverge from Women Traveling Together. Debra has the utmost confidence WTT will continue to thrive without her. But WTT will always stay true to its original purpose - to support women traveling solo so that together each of us can realize our individual travel dreams.

The women who "make the cut" to become a tour leader for Women Traveling Together are exceptional women in their own right who live across the United States and Canada. They come from a wide variety of circumstances and life experiences; most are still working, some own their own business, and a few are retired. For all their diversity, our tour leaders share four common traits:


  1. an extensive travel background;
  2. inherent leadership qualities;
  3. strong people skills, and;
  4. a desire to share their love of travel.


We are often asked how one becomes a WTT tour leader. We hold Tour Leader Training classes periodically when we need additional tour leaders, announcing and posting the dates on our website. Acceptance into Tour Leader Training is based on prior travel and leadership experience.  In March of 2019 WTT held is 10th Tour Leader Training and added nine tour leaders, bringing our Tour Leader staff to 46.

It's difficult to explain just how important the role our tour leader plays until you take a tour with us. The Tour Leader "is" Women Traveling Together as far as her travelers are concerned. She has a profound effect on the quality of the individual traveler’s and the group’s experience. That’s why our Tour Leaders are not only trained in tour management, but also they get additional training in group dynamics, safety, security, and other women specific topics.

A WTT Tour Leader handles more than just the logistics. She is with the group 24/7 and becomes part of the group, ensuring everyone’s travel experience is a good one. She is there to assist you when needed, but gives you space when you want it. We firmly believe the exceptional women who are our Tour Leaders are a key ingredient in the success of Women Traveling Together.


Women Traveling Together is proud of its reputation and works hard to maintain it.
  • In business since 1997
  • High rate of repeat travelers, including almost 100 women who have taken 10 or more trips.
  • Largest number of tour offering amoung women-only travel companies (both Domestic and International)
  • Oldest women's travel company in continuous operation in the United States
  • Largest privately held women’s tour operator in North America
  • 2 Million in Traveler’s Insurance Protection
  • Triple A Credit Rating
Women Traveling Together has been featured and endorsed by magazines, newspapers and travel organizations including:






National Tour Association
since 2001

Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.
since 2001

International Airlines Travel Agents Network
since 1999
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