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Tours and Vacation Travel for Women. Perfect for Solo / Single / Traveling Alone. Safe, High-Quality, Escorted Small Groups.
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Quick Facts
  • 80% of WTT Travelers Come Solo. We really should have named the company "Women Traveling Solo Together" because that's in a nutshell what we're all about. Select your tour and be assured that fellow WTT travelers are as interested in and excited about the destination as you are. Concerned about traveling solo or traveling with WTT for the first time? No worries... we're here to help and reassure. Don't let the "newness" of the experience stand between you and your travel dreams. Once you take that first trip, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
  • Women of All Ages and Marital Statuses and Backgrounds Travel with WTT. The diversity of our travelers adds an unexpected but wonderful extra dimension to the WTT travel experience. You'll be surprised at how much you have in common with fellow travelers. It's this common interest in the destination that creates an initial bond, enables you to feel comfortable in the group, and paves the way to learn more about your travel companions as the trip progresses. When you travel with women whose idea of a great vacation matches yours, you're guaranteed to have a good time.
  • Share a Room or Not... You Decide what's Best for You. When a woman travels solo, she may assume that a single room, with the corresponding single supplement, is her only option. Not true. Unless you want a single, choose "double occupancy" and we'll pair you with another solo traveler. She'll be close in age, and you'll "meet" well in advance. While the overwhelming majority of our travelers enjoy the roommate experience it's important to remember...it's just a roommate. Get to know all the women on your trip and spend time with whomever you like.
  • All WTT Tours Require Walking. Our philosophy about travel is that it is best experienced on the ground, by foot. We explore and sightsee from a local point of view. Though we have our own private transport, we also use public transportation, walk to nearby restaurants and explore off the beaten path. Our travelers pack light and handle their own luggage. While we tour at a leisurely pace, be sure you can walk, climb stairs and manage your own suitcase without assistance before you sign up for a WTT tour.
  • What you See on the WTT Web Site is What we Have. We'd love to offer every tour you can imagine, and on the dates you can go, but the reality is what you see on the web site is what we have, and that includes the spaces remaining on a tour. We do not charge your credit card when you send the space reservation; it's only charged when WTT confirms you have a spot on the trip. WTT's small groups mean trips fill up fast. When a trip says "Space Available" do not wait... before you know it, the tour will be full and you'll be one of the fortunate few going. It's the fence sitters who lose out!
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