What Makes Us Unique
It’s not just where you travel, but who you travel with.

Small Group Travel for Women
Safe, high-quality, maximum 18 travelers.
Perfect for the woman traveling alone.
Guided International and US Tours.

Eight out of 10, the majority, the lion's share; however you slice it, 80% of women who travel with us come solo - no girlfriend, sister, cousin, aunt, or mother.
Over the years, we've heard it all...
  • "I was planning on visiting Italy with a girlfriend but she backed out at the last minute."
  • "My husband (significant other) doesn't like to travel or do the same things I like to."
  • "I love my sister but I may kill her if we take a trip together again!"
Women - just like you - find themselves searching for a travel solution when friends or family, for whatever reason, are unable to travel. You have two choices: a) stay home or... b) join a group of women who are just as excited about travel as you are. Hard to believe until you experience it yourself, but traveling with and getting to know women you would never ordinarily meet can be as rewarding as the travel itself. It sure beats staying at home!

So if you've thought about traveling, but don't have a girlfriend, sister, etc. to go with you...HELLO, you've missed the point! Maybe we should have named the company "Women Traveling SOLO Together" because the vast majority of women travel with us solo. Join us solo! You'll be glad you did.

11 Reasons why Small Group,
Women-Only Travel WORKS!
  1. You're not alone! You'll be traveling solo... together
  2. It's your choice: Roomshare with another solo traveler or you can pay additional to be guaranteed a single room (most women roomshare, in case you were wondering!)
  3. Everyone shares a common interest in the destination, giving the group an immediate bond
  4. It's a relaxed atmosphere; no couples, no men
  5. Go places and have experiences the big tour groups cannot 
  6. Easily learn everyone's name and make new friendships 
  7. Try new things in a supportive environment
  8. Enjoy specially selected women-interest activities
  9. There's a good mix between planned activities and personal/free time
  10. Always have someone to pal around with during personal/free time
  11. Your tour leader makes the trip flow seamlessly, and local guides join the group to provide destination specific information.
Meet the Other Women Before You Travel: You'll have plenty of opportunities to communicate and get to know the other women on your trip long before the trip begins. Coordinate flying together, coordinate free time interests, and more all in a secure area on our web site. By the time the trip begins you'll already be well acquainted and excited to meet your fellow travelers in person!

The OLDEST Women's Travel Company in the Country: We've been in business for 17 years...longer than any other women's full-service travel company! We have thrived because we provide high quality, fun and enriching, upscale tours. Women who travel with us once return year after year giving Women Traveling Together one of the highest repeat traveler rates in the industry.

ACT NOW Before the Trip You Want Fills Up: With so many repeat travelers and a maximum of 18 spaces per tour, our trips fill up fast. OVER 50% of our travelers travel with us every year!

Have Questions?
Contact us by email at: wttmail@women-traveling.com or call us:
800.795.7135 Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm, EST

At Women Traveling Together we are devoted to making your travel experience one that you will cherish forever. If this sounds like what you've been looking for, we invite you to travel with us.

The Personal Touch
Relax and focus on getting excited about your trip. We’re handling all the details so you don’t have to! From a personal “welcome to the tour”  by a real person in our office to being greeted by name by your WTT Tour Leader at the start of your tour, everything we do is designed to make your travel experience as easy and fulfilling as possible.

Keeping You Informed
When you sign up for a trip you receive a personalized confirmation package that outlines what to expect as you get closer to your departure date. We keep you informed - and excited - about your upcoming trip. You’ll be able to communicate in advance of the trip with your fellow travelers. You can get acquainted, see who will be on your flight, and make plans together. If at any time you have questions, call or email us.

Want a Roommate?
Most women who travel with WTT join us solo and ask for a roommate. The experience is very agreeable because prior to the trip we put you in touch with your roommate, and if it’s been a while since you shared a room, we provide helpful tips that will make things go smoothly.

Meet Your Tour Leader

Along with detailed Final Travel Instructions mailed to your home, you will receive a welcome email from your WTT Tour Leader before the trip begins. She will be able to answer any remaining questions you may have. Your WTT tour leader is there to insure that your trip runs smoothly, to make you feel safe and comfortable throughout the tour, and to insure you are well taken care of.    

Taken Care Of
You will feel so "taken care of" when you travel with Women Traveling Together, you’ll probably start thinking about your next trip before you return home. When first time travelers return home they often contact our office and share their experiences. We hear all the time: "I was worried for nothing; the trip was wonderful, the women were such fun to travel with and it was just like you said it would be!" That’s why Women Traveling Together has such a high repeat number of travelers. You will have a great time, meet lots of interesting women, make new friendships, and have everything taken care of. Now that’s the way to travel!


Our Tour Leaders - A WTT EXCLUSIVE
Why is this a WTT exclusive? Our groups are made up of solo women travelers meeting for the first time, traveling to a location they are unfamiliar with, and do not have a friend or family member traveling with them. Our tour leader is with the group 24/7, not just from 9 - 4. She participates in all the planned activities, she helps organize things to do during free time, she does everything with the group. You won't find that anywhere else.

Special Training
We hire our own tour leaders and train them. A WTT tour leader receives additional training above and beyond handling tour logistics. She receives special training in group dynamics, safety, security and other women specific issues.

Knowledge about the Destination

Your tour leader has a very good working knowledge of the area you are visiting, but she is not an expert on 8th century French painters. WTT hires expert local guides to join the group for things such as walking tours, private lectures, touring museums and many other activities (varies by tour). Your tour leader works closely with the local guides to insure the right combination of pace, information, and duration specific to the women in that group is provided.

Organizing Free Time

During unstructured personal/free time, your Tour Leader will make sure that everyone who wants company while exploring has it. She will have lots of suggestions for things to do, and will help pair up travelers with similar interests. She makes sure that everyone is looked after and taken care of. On evenings when there is no scheduled group dinner, the tour leader will always suggest a time to meet for dinner so that no one ends up eating alone.

Part of the Group

Your Tour Leader is a part of your group. She is there to insure that your individual experiences, and the collective group experience is good. She is there to look out for your safety, to help resolve issues, and to make sure that everyone is included and no one is excluded. Depending on how many travelers ask for a roommate, the tour leader may be a traveler’s roommate.

Having a "mother hen" who is there to assist when you need it, but gives you space when you want it, is another reason why Women Traveling Together has so many repeat travelers. To feel so "cared for" is a rare thing these days, but that’s what you can expect from all of our tour leaders.


Women who travel with us again and again do so because they have experienced what our tours offer, and know that we deliver what we promise. A WTT tour is everything you'd expect - and more - that a great vacation should be. 

Our activities include women-specific interests. Cooking classes in Italy, swimming with dolphins in Honduras, driving a dog sled in Alaska, attending a lecture about life as a woman in Jordon, flight-seeing over the Grand Canyon, stopping at funky shops just because it looks interesting, going to the spa, and so much more are just what a great vacation should include. All theses activities are included in our tour cost. We believe everyone who travels with us should have the same great experience.

Leave the tipping of local guides and drivers to us! Having to constantly worry about how much to tip a local guide, the driver or staff only detracts from your enjoyment, and means you have to carry more cash than advisable. The WTT tour leader knows the appropriate amount to tip and will take care of this on your behalf.

We believe in a comfortable tour pace. We believe a balance of structured and personal/free time makes for a better vacation than having every second scheduled. This gives you the opportunity to choose how busy you want to be, and to explore your personal interests. During free time you’ll always have someone to pal around with, or if you choose to do nothing or strike out on your own, that’s available as well.

18 women is our maximum group size. We've found 18 to be the optimal group size. It's still small enough to easy to remember everyone’s name yet there is enough variety of personalities, interests and backgrounds that you'll have things in common with several women. 18 or less allows the group to bond easily, which enhances the travel experience for each individual and the group as a whole. With a small group, the WTT tour leader can give quality attention to you as well as to the group as a whole. You'll get a richer, more personal travel experience in a small group.

Did you know other tour companies
consider a small group to be 25 travelers?

Value for money spent on a WTT tour - there is no comparison. On a WTT tour you will realize your travel dream, have a wonderful time, made new friends from all over the country, laugh, try new things and eat new foods, leaving you refreshed and renewed. Your friends will be amazed and you will return home with lifetime memories ….guaranteed.


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