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Women need options in order to fit travel into their busy lives.

The hallmark and foundation of Women Traveling Together are our safe, high quality small group tours, designed exclusively for women. We offer 30+ tours a year to locations around the world and throughout the U.S. Every year the tours change, giving you endless variety and choice.

A Travel Record of Excellence
Since 1997 Women Traveling Together has fulfilled the travel ambitions of women who have trusted their travel dreams to us. Women return to travel with us year after year, not just for the places we go (although they are pretty darn spectacular) but because of the friendships they find, the freedom and safety of traveling with a group of women and the exceptional, personal service we provide.

18 Women is Our Maximum Group Size
We would rather turn away a traveler than degrade the quality of the tour for the women already signed up. We know traveling with a group larger than 18 ends up feeling more like a class field trip rather than a unique travel experience. A smaller group means you can easily remember the other women's names and get to know a bit about them, allowing the group to bond. We understand the importance of the group experience and how it directly relates to the overall enjoyment of each individual.

Room Share is Guaranteed
No matter when you sign up for a WTT tour, if you want to share a room, we’ll make it happen.  We can make this promise because our tour leader fills in as a roommate when needed. This is a valuable service that will save you hundreds of dollars as a solo traveler. We pair up travelers by age. We also provide “Tips on Being a Good Roommate” in your final travel instructions which has helpful, common sense information. (A single room is generally available on most of our tours for an additional cost.)

Our Tour Leaders Receive Special Training
We hire our own tour leaders and train them. A WTT tour leader receives additional training above and beyond simply handling tour logistics. She's trained in group dynamics, safety, security and other women specific issues to ensure the quality of the travel experience for the group and the enjoyment of each individual traveler.

What are You Waiting For? Join Us Today!
On a WTT tour you will see the sights you've dreamed of, experience new places and people, make new friends and return home refreshed and renewed. Your friends will be amazed (and jealous) and you will have memories that will last a lifetime….guaranteed.


Each year, we search for the best four or five non-WTT, women-friendly tours and cruises we can find. We thoroughly investigate the tour companies and cruise lines to ensure they’re reputable. We examine the itineraries and activities. Using our years of travel expertise and knowledge of women’s travel concerns, we find tours and cruises that provide real value and safety for the solo female traveler. And then we post these trips on our website. You'll see them included in our tour calendar noted as non-WTT tours.

Why would we do this? Because our goal is to help you fulfill your travel dreams. Period. The world is a large place and WTT doesn’t travel to every corner every year.

While not escorted by Women Traveling Together, these tours do provide a tour conductor to handle logistics. The group size is not set—it can be anywhere from a minimum of two travelers to as many woman who want to go.

We handle the reservation and interface with the tour company or cruise line for you. WTT will then pair you with another woman interested in the same trip based on the order we receive your reservation.

Do you already have a travel companion (husband, friend or family member) and trip you want to take? Or do you have a solo trip in mind?

Whatever your travel plans, we can help you make the right choices. Our Travel Consultant works exclusively with women in selecting and booking independent travel.  We’ve already done the research for you. We know the best cruise lines, we know the tour operators, and we know which companies pay attention to the safety concerns of solo women travelers. As a bonus to our members, you will earn 3% of the double occupancy cost of your tour or cruise booking to be used toward future travel with WTT.... something you will not find through a travel agency.

You don’t have to go alone if you don’t want to! 
Once you choose your trour or cruise and know the cost and dates of travel, we can help our members find a travel companion using our women-exclusive Travel Companion Search Service.  Interested women can view your tour/cruise travel companion posting, and can comment back to you without having access to your email address until you are ready to share it. Our track record in finding travel companions has been excellent!

Our Travel Consultant:
Lida Clinton
Lida has been a travel consultant for over 20 years and has extensive experience in vacation planning including custom travel itineraries worldwide. Lida is an expert in the needs of the woman traveler through her eight years as a tour leader for Women Traveling Together. Her vast travel experience includes domestic destinations from coast to coast and international destinations throughout Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.


Do you have a trip, tour, or cruise in mind but cannot find a travel companion?
We can help. Using our women-exclusive Travel Companion Search Service, you can post the details of your trip. Our extensive network of women travelers can view your posting and can comment back to you, but will not have access to your email address until you are ready to share it. Our track record in finding travel companions has been excellent and we can make any tour or cruise reservations for you and your travel companion when the time comes.

Here are a just a few examples of the types of things you can search for a female travel companion:
  • Cruises
  • Group Tours
  • Independent Travel
  • Someone to share your vacation timeshare with
  • Someone to do things with in your local community (see a show, etc.)
  • And about anything you would like a travel companion to do something with

I'm Looking for a Travel Companion - Submit a Travel Companion Request

Any one can read the travel companion requests, but only WTT members can have their travel companion request posted. Inquiries about your trip will go through WTT and forwarded to you so that none of your personal contact information is important safety feature for you.

In search of Travel Companion for: Canadian Rockies by Train, June 12-20, 2014.

Indra writes:

I’m looking for a travel companion for a trip to the Canadian Rockies, June 12-20, 2014.  I’d love to go on the WTT tour, but I can only getaway these dates in June.  I love to travel, am in my 50s, easy-going, and a social drinker.  I respect other’s space and am tidy.  I just don’t like traveling alone.  I hope to find someone who would also love to see the Canadian Rockies via the Rocky Mountaineer train.


If you are interested in this trip, contact Indra by email.  Include your name, phone number and email, as well as a bit about yourself.


In search of Travel Companion for:  Kentucky Derby, May 1-4, 2014

Laurie writes:
I’ve reserved a “bucket list” trip to the Kentucky Derby this year May 1-4. I am staying at The Marriott Northeast for 3 nights and have booked a dinner cruise one night and plan to eat a hot brown sandwich at The Brown Hotel (traditional Derby cuisine) as well.  I am married, but my husband is not much interested in the Derby and opted not to join me.  I’ll go alone if need be, but it would be so much more fun with someone.  I do not smoke or drink though I’m not opposed to a social drink and prefer that a companion would be of the same mind set.  I am not a gambler though I may place a small bet or two and I do not know much about horse racing…for me, it is the whole idea of being at the Kentucky Derby! 

If you are interested in joining Laurie, contact Laurie by email.  Include your name, phone number and email, as well as a bit about yourself.


In search of Travel Companion for: 12-day Celebrity cruise departing Auckland, New Zealand March 22, 2014

Jeanne writes:

I've booked a 12-night Celebrity cruise departing Auckland, New Zealand on March 22, 2014 and terminating in Sydney, Australia. My original traveling companion had to back out of the trip so I'm looking for someone around my own age (50-68) and a non-smoker to possibly join me. I've had to change my accommodations from a suite to an interior cabin due to the single supplement costs, but if you are interested, I'd still love some company. I plan to go early to zip line and stay a couple of days after to do the Sydney bridge climb.

To learn more about this trip, Contact Jeanne by Email. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address, as well as a bit about yourself.


In search of Travel Companion for:  Viking River Cruise - Waterways of the Czars, August 2104

Helen writes:
I'm looking for a travel companion for my trip to Russia. I have booked a reservation through Viking River Cruises "Waterways of the Czar's". The trip is for August 11, 2014 and we will be leaving from LAX on Aug 10th flying into St Petersburg where we will be picked up by the cruise line.

I have paid for the trip to take advantage of the savings, so if you are interested I would gladly share that information with you. The price is all inclusive and very reasonable.

I don't smoke or drink, yet it doesn't bother me if you are a social drinker.  Smokers would have to smoke outside. I have an easy laid back personality and there are no big deals, so would hope you are similar in temperament.  Please view the trip on line and again is interested, please contact me.

If you are interested in leaning more about this trip, Contact Helen by Email. Be sure to include your name, phone number and email address in your email, as well as a bit about yourself.

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