Defining WTT Activity Levels
All tours involve activities and have minimum activity requirements.

Any Tour - The Minimum Requirements

All WTT tours involve activities such as walking, climbing steps, getting on and off all sorts of transportation, checking in and out of hotels, traveling from point A to point B, and more. In addition, most - if not all - tours will have included activities that can range from easy to very strenuous.

Travelers must be able to meet the following minimum activity requirements, regardless of which tour is chosen:

  • Walk 15 minutes without having to stop or sit down and rest.
  • Climb one flight of stairs, or walk up an incline equal to a flight of stairs, without stopping.
  • Stand for 30 minutes, without needing to sit down.
  • Get in and out of transportation unassisted (bus, van, train, boat, etc.).
  • Manage, lift or otherwise transport her own suitcase and carry-on without assistance when required to do so in airports, train stations, or other places where portage services may not be available.

The Overall Amount of Activity: A Rating System

WTT rates the overall amount of activity or exertion necessary to participate in a given tour as a percentage of easy, moderate and strenuous – for a total of 100%. A typical activity level rating for a tour might be: 75% Easy; 15% Moderate; 10% Strenuous.

What is Easy?

  • Leisurely walking pace with opportunities to rest at least every 15 minutes.
  • Walking on mostly level ground, and primarily paved.
  • An occasional flight of stairs or incline
  • Occasional need to stand (such as in a line to gain entrance to an event)
  • Getting on and off transportation as many times as is necessary.
  • Managing your own luggage and carry-on when necessary.

What is Moderate?

  • Walking and hiking activities up to 1 hour that involves hills, steps or inclines of more than two flight of stairs at a time.
  • Uneven ground with no paving and the possibility of small obstacles such as roots, water, ice, or rocks that would have to be traversed.
  • Activities that take place in an elevation above 7000 feet.
  • Non-walking activities in duration of 3 hours or less that requires balance, agility and some level of participation such as biking, horseback-riding, or rafting.

What is Strenuous?

  • Walking and hiking activities over 1 hour that involves steep inclines or climbing.
  • Uneven ground with large obstacles in the path requiring agility to overcome.
  • Non-walking activities in duration of 3 hours or more that requires balance, agility and active participation.

Notice to Travelers

Women Traveling Together makes an honest effort to properly describe the overall amount of activity or exertion necessary to participate in a given tour. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY of the traveler to READ the itinerary, and to decide if she is capable of physically handling the activities.  If there is any questions, they should be directed to WTT at: (410) 956-5250 or email:  Subject: Activity Rating.

WTT will not be held responsible, nor reduce the activity level of the tour, should a traveler be unable to participate or keep up. Travelers who do not take part in an activity, who pay for alternate activities/transportation, or who do not complete an activity will not be reimbursed by Women Traveling Together.

WTT Tours are not suitable for anyone with disabilities that would prevent them from meeting the minimum requirements as described above.

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